Realizing Opportunity for All Youth, the National Academies Report - LIVE ONLINE PROGRAM JUNE 5 2020

Friday, June 5 2020, 9:30AM-4:30PM (Eastern time)


Forensic Training Series

Working with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine ILPPP is providing opportunity to learn about the National Academies' new report, Realizing Opportunity for All Youth that finds ample evidence that changes in brain structure and connectivity that happen in adolescence present young people with unique opportunities for positive, life-shaping development, and for recovery from past adversity.

Faculty for the day will be Richard Bonnie, Professor with the UVA School of Law, and ILPPP Director, who was chair of the committee producing the report. Other presenters from the report committee include Joanna Williams PhD, UVA Curry School of Education, and Susan Mangold, Esq. Juvenile Law Center, Philadelphia. Discussants will include Andrew Block JD, Associate Professor of Law and Director of the State and Local Government Clinic with the UVA School of Law, and Julia Taylor MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics with the UVA School of Medicine, from leadership of the Virginia Department of Development Health and Behavioral Services and the Virginia Department of Social Services. 

The summary of the report - - concludes

Adolescence, spanning the years from the onset of puberty to adulthood, is a formative period when changes in cognition, affect, and interpersonal behavior occur alongside the most extensive neurobiological transitions since infancy, especially with respect to pubertal and brain development. These changes make it clear that adolescent brains are not best understood as simply “advanced” child brains or “immature” adult brains. Instead they have evolved to meet the developmental needs of humans at this stage of life. Collectively, the pubertal, neurobiological, cognitive, and psychosocial changes occurring during adolescence mark this as a period of great opportunity for adolescents to flourish and thrive. …

These realities also highlight a compelling scientific challenge. To understand how we can help all adolescents flourish, we need to connect two bodies of research: the deepened understanding of developmental processes needs to also encompass a richer understanding of the impact of the social environment. Achieving this will require a major commitment by our research establishment. Future research investments in adolescence should support efforts that (1) deepen our knowledge of the processes of adolescent development, (2) examine the socio-environmental contexts that offer opportunities for flourishing, and (3) understand and combat inequities that curtail the promise of adolescence for all youth.

Richard Bonnie, Professor with UVA School of Law, and ILPPP Director, was chair of the committee producing the report.  Professor Bonnie said

“The adolescent brain undergoes a remarkable transformation that underpins amazing advances in learning and creativity ...  As a society, we bear a collective obligation to unleash the creativity of the adolescent brain while cushioning adolescents from experiences that could endanger their future well-being.”

Presenters from the NASEM Committee include Professor Bonnie, Joanna Lee Williams PhD, Professor with UVA's Curry School of Education and Human Development, and  Susan Mangold, Esq., with the Juvenile Law Center, Philadelphia.  Discussants  are from the UVA School of Medicine and the School of Law, as well as the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services and the Virginia Department of Social Services.

Date: June 5 2020

Time: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM (Eastern time)

Location: LIVE ONLINE THROUGH ZOOM ONLINE MEETING HOSTED FROM THE UVA COLLAB PLATFORM.  Registrants will receive privileges to access the UVA Collab Platform and  to join the Zoom Online Meeting.

Faculty for this program:

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With the report committee:

Richard Bonnie, UVA School of Law, and ILPPP Director - Learn more about Professor Bonnie

Joanna Lee Williams, UVA Curry School of Education and Human Development - Learn more about Professor Williams

Susan Mangold, Esq., Juvenile Law Center, Philadelphia - Learn more about Attorney Mangold


Nannette Bowler JD, Deputy Commissioner of Human Services [with the Virginia DSS]

Andrew Block JD, UVA School of Law

Nina Marino, MSW, LCSW, Director, Office of Child and Family Services, VA DBHDS

Julia Taylor MD, UVA School of Medicine


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Educational objectives:

At the conclusion of the program participants will be able to

Discuss key points from several chapters of the NASEM report:

The Continuous Interplay between Biology and the Environment

Inequity and Adolescence

Scientific Opportunity

Identify key issues and problems involved with social systems and possible remedies to those problems discussed in chapters on


Health System

Child Welfare System

Justice System

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