False Confessions, False Guilty Pleas, and Wrongful Convictions: A Multidisciplinary Symposium

Monday-Tuesday, June 4-5 2018, two-day program

Purcell Reading Room, School of Law, University of Virginia, Charlottesville

False Confessions, False Guilty Pleas, and Wrongful Convictions: A Multidisciplinary Symposium

This one and one-half day symposium will bring together experts from a range of disciplines to discuss psychological and legal issues regarding the phenomena of false confessions, false guilty pleas, and wrongful convictions.  The presenters include clinical and experimental psychologists, retired law enforcement, attorneys, and exonerees. 

Date: Monday June 4 and Tuesday June 5, 2018   

Time: Day one from 9:30 AM to 5:15 PM & Day two from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM. Lunch on your own.  

Location: NEW VENUE: Purcell Reading Room, in  Slaughter Hall, School of Law, University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA, with address at 580 Massie Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903-1738.

 The location among buildings of the School of Law may be seen on this graphic map  Graphic Map of UVA School of Law Grounds [ https://www.law.virginia.edu/pdf/map_school.pdf ]  - and on this topographical map Topographical Map of UVA North Grounds including Law Grounds  [ http://www.virginia.edu/webmap/ENorthGrounds.html ]  Slaughter Hall is '17-C'

An Internet map of the Law Grounds may be found at Internet Map of Law Grounds  [ http://www.virginia.edu/webmap/popPages/49-LawSchool.html ]

The School of Law maintains a webpage of directions at Law School's Page of Directions  [  http://www.law.virginia.edu/html/insider/oriented_cville.htm ]

Arrangements have been made with the School of Law to allow participants parking free of charge in the D2, D22 ,Visitors Parking Lots.  A parking map of the University is found at Parking Map of the University   [  http://www.virginia.edu/parking/documents/maps/ParkingMap.pdf ]

If you are interested to know about local lodging please inquire with els2e@virginia.edu.  Several hotels nearby include the following:

Marriott Residence Inn – 5-8 minutes walking, 3-5 minutes driving

1111 Millmont Street , Charlottesville VA 22903 / Phone - 434-923-0300


The English Inn  - 10-12 minutes walking (shorter walk along city footpath, longer walk along streets), 5-8 minutes driving

2000 Morton Drive, Charlottesville VA 22903 / Phone - 434-971-9900 / Toll Free - 800-786-5400


Lead faculty for this program: Sharon Kelley PhD, JD and Heather Zelle PhD, JD, both with ILPPP, School of Medicine are lead faculty from the School of Medicine and the School of Law 

Other faculty (confirmed and invited) by order of presentation each day include

June 4

Gregg McCrary, FBI Retired - Law enforcement perspectives on Miranda warning, interrogations, and false confessions

Jeffrey Aaron PhD, Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services -  Psychological perspectives on interrogations and false confessions

Exoneree - Perspectives of exonerees

Allison Redlich PhD, George Mason University - False guilty pleas

Jessica Feierman JD, Juvenile Law Center, Philadelphia -  Legal perspectives on youth interrogation and related issues including a review of Dassey v. Dittman

June 5

Deirdre Enright JD and Jennifer Givens JD, School of Law, University of Virginia - Litigation issues with wrongful convictions

Mental health provider to be announced - Mental health issues involved with exonerees

Panel of faculty on policy and practice implications, Sources or bias and overcoming bias, and other issues raised in the symposium - Lead by Sharon Kelley PhD, JD and Heather Zelle PhD, JD,  ILPPP 

Detailed agenda and brief bios of faculty  will be provided to registrants or inquirers to els2e@virginia.edu

Educational objectives: At the conclusion of the program participants will be able to

Discuss law enforcement perspectives on false confessions, interrogations and Miranda warnings

Describe some psychological perspectives on false confessions and interrogations

Identify some psychological research findings on false confessions and false guilty please

Discuss  legal issues - under Dassey v. Dittman - that may be involved with youth interrogations

Identify some litigation issues arising from wrongful convictions

Discuss some exoneree perspectives involved with wrongful convictions

Identify a range of policy and practice implications, including sources of biases and overcoming biases, in cases of false confessions, false guilty pleas, and wrongful convictions


The planning committee have no personal or professional financial relationships with a commercial entity producing healthcare goods and/or services (in alphabetical order): Sharon Kelley JD, PhD, Daniel Murrie PhD, Heather Zelle JD, PhD

Accreditation and Designation Statements:

For psychologists and others

The Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy at the University of Virginia is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy at the University of Virginia maintains responsibility for this program and its content. 

Nine hours are available for award:  Six hours for Monday participation; three hours for Tuesday participation.

The cost will be $6 per hour (June 4 - $6 x 6 hours=$36;  June 5 - $6 x 3 = $18;  Both days =  $54).

For attorneys

Virginia Mandatory Continuing Legal Education, Virginia State Bar, has approved 8.5 credit hours including (0.0) credit hours for Ethics for this program.  Please contact els2e@virginia.edu with questions.  

For sworn officers

Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services has approved 9 total hours Partial Inservice Course  (PIC) hours of interest to Sworn Officers and others under VA DCJS purview.  The approved of the 9 hours includes 4 hours 'Legal' content and 5 hours 'Career/Development' content. 

Continuing education

Please find complete information regarding continuing education at the link provided below or 

email els2e@virginia.edu  Thank you. 

LINK to Continuing Education details. Please cursor to the program of interest. 

How to register for the program

Application for registration is made through your individual user profile created with the ILPPP website. Please create your profile, or get automated help to find your profile if you have forgotten your profile name or password: http://ilppp.virginia.edu/OREM/Registrant/SignIn
After you apply for registration you will receive an automated email confirming that ILPPP has received your application. Acceptance into a program is not automatic because capacity limitations and public mental health system needs are considered. After ILPPP formally accepts a registrant  into the program they will receive a second automated email that confirms registration and includes invoice information and online payment instructions.
Before the program ILPPP will send further information to assist participant's planning. Questions about registration may go to els2e@virginia.edu 
Registration & Cancellation Fees and Refund Policy

Fees: One day June 4 only:$75. Both days June 4-5:$125. Cancellation fee:$25 

NOTE: the registration system is set for a default charge of both days June 4-5 registration, $125. 

IF YOU ARE ONLY attending June 4 and not attending June 5 please  go to a special program webpage to pay that fee:   Pay fee for one-day-only June 4 attendance  Thank you. 

A full registration fee refund will be processed only if the registrant has submitted the cancellation notice to ILPPP no later than 7 days prior to the first day of the program. If registration is cancelled 6 days or less days prior there is a $25 cancellation service charge which will be deducted from the program’s registration fee. The remainder of the registration fee will be processed within 10 days following the end of the training program. Please allow 30 days following the end of the training program to receive the refund. Refunds will be processed according to the method of original payment (check, credit card or EDI-transfer).