Edward Strickler, Institute Programs Coordinator, and Managing Editor, Developments in Mental Health Law

Distinguished by

More than two decades of  leadership, collaboration, and innovation to improve health and social equity with vulnerable populations and communities; to increase and improve evidence-based knowledge and practice regarding cultural and other competencies that help achieve health equity, social equity, and human rights; and to elevate respect for human diversity, human rights, and resilient, sustainable organizations and communities through organization-wide and community-wide dialogue, engagement, and service.

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Academic degrees

Swarthmore College                            Swarthmore PA                 BA, Humanities, with Honors, 1978

University of Virginia                          Charlottesville VA               MA, Religious Studies (religious ethics), 1983      

University of Virginia                          Charlottesville VA               MA, Clinical Ethics,1994      

University of Virginia                          Charlottesville VA               MPH, Public Health, 2007


Certified Health Education Specialist by National Commission for Health Education Credentialing    CHES, #16864                                                                                        

Professional skills training

Qualified Volunteer with Thomas Jefferson Health District Medical Reserve Corps                          

As part of TJHD Medical Reserve Corps training, completed

Psychological First Aid – completed formal training June 2018 - and Skills for Psychological Recovery trainings – completed formal training June 2018 – with  Patricia Watson PhD, Specialist with National Center for PTSD, co-author of the curriculums,  and Russell Jones PhD, Faculty in Department of Psychology, and Director of the Stress and Coping Lab at Virginia Tech University

Qualified Volunteer with Community Emergency Response Team (CERT),  completed nine weeks training, practice, and examination (US Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency examination and local host examination), Charlottesville-University of Virginia-Albemarle County CERT. FEMA SID #0001156624                

Qualified Facilitator, trained with Responding to Disrespectful and Biased Behavior in Healthcare, by the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, October 2018.  The training model presents numerous modules reviewing various situations  of  disrespectful, biased, and discriminatory behavior in academic and other health care settings involving physicians, nurses, and other providers, administrators, students and patients, that welcomes participants in training to discuss situations, learn and practice skills, and debrief from training regarding application in work settings.

Qualified Practitioner, 'Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR)', administered by the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, Eastern Mennonite University. STAR is an educational/training program that draws upon the fields of trauma and resilience studies, conflict transformation, restorative justice, human security and spirituality to prepare professionals in diverse fields (mental health, education, justice, development, public health, and professionals) to plan and do work in more trauma-informed ways.   

Completed training on ‘High Impact Coalitions’: two-day ‘best practices’ training on forming, growing, and sustaining networks, partnerships, coalitions and other collaborations to improve population health.  Virginia Department of Health, THRIV (Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia) at University of Virginia                                                                                                                 

Completed training on “Dismantling Racism”: two-day workshop-based training providing research-supported skills and tools to facilitate discussions in organizations and communities regarding historical and ongoing racism. dRworks, Durham NC.                                                      

Completed Citizen’s Police Academy, Albemarle County, 20 hour training series on policies, operations, and issues of law enforcement. 

Recent presentations and publications

Abstracts accepted for presentation:

Charlottesville Virginia: After community traumatizing violence what may we learn about the mission, identity and practice of public health, November 2018 annual meeting of the American Public Health Association

Completed presentations:

Oral presentation at American Public Health Association, Annual Meeting, November 2015 (Chicago IL), regarding revisions to the APHA’s Public Health Code of Ethics: Trauma Exposure and Public Health Ethics

Oral presentation at Peace and Justice Studies Annual Conference, October 2015 (Harrisonburg VA), regarding analysis of ethical standards that may apply to peace, justice, and conflict studies: Clarifying ethical standards for individuals and groups working in roles to promote peace and justice and to prevent and resolve conflict

Poster presentation at Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education, Annual Conference, October 2015 (Washington DC) , Description and analysis of Rainbow Retreat (pilot project offered August 2014 with central Virginia LGBTQ)

Poster presentation at American Public Health Association, Annual Meeting, November 2014 (New Orleans LA): Anti-violence programs with a vulnerable population in a Southern state

Workshop at GLMA (Gay and Lesbian Medical Association) Annual Conference, September 2014 (Baltimore MD): Health Provider and Health Organizational Response to LGBTQ Experiences of Violence (presented findings from research, walked through case examples with commentaries, conducted discussion)

Oral presentation at American Public Health Association, Annual Meeting, October 2013 (Boston, MA): Public health organizational ethics: Consumer and provider concerns in conversation

Three oral presentations at American Public Health Association, Annual Meeting, November 2011 (Washington DC):

- LGBT health in state population health assessments: Accomplishments, opportunities, and resistance;

- When vulnerable populations are disliked: How may ethical resources inform public health policy; and

- Strategic planning with young African-American gay, bi, and other MSM at risk for HIV/AIDS and other health problems

Presentation of  workshop on provider awareness and responses to violence among sexual and gender minority populations, as part of a consultation with local agency  serving LGBTQ youth, LGBTQ victims/survivors of hate violence (agency founded after brutal murder of a youth targeted for his sexual orientation and expression , June 2011, Greenville SC

Oral Presentation at American Public Health Association, Annual Meeting, November 2009, Understanding and responding to LGBTQ experiences of violence in Virginia

Presenter, half-day workshop on health disparities and cultural competency in providing care with underserved and at risk populations, Physician Assistant Program, Jefferson College of Health Sciences, Roanoke VA,  February 2008

Presented an invited half-day workshop at 16th Annual HIV/STD Conference of the Illinois Department of Health, Springfield IL, Community-based participatory research to improve transgender health, November 2007

Recent publications:

First author of  three chapters  in Diversity and Inclusion In Quality Patient Care; Your Story/Our Story – A Case-Based Compendium, 2018.  Chapter 18-Elderly Female Appalachian Patient, Chapter 52-Black Nurse, Chapter 54- Provider with Disability “Don’t Want That Robot” Helping Me!.  The compendium of cases and discussion support managing conflicts regarding diversity in health care workplaces. Accessed at https://www.springer.com/us/book/9783319228396

First Author, in Partner Abuse, Volume 6, Number 1, (January) 2015:Starting and sustaining LGBTQ anti-violence programs in a Southern state.