Adult Forensic Programs

Scheduled Programs (registration applications now being accepted)

Conducting Mental Health Evaluations for Capital Sentencing Proceedings

March 19-20 2018: This two-day program prepares experienced forensic mental health professionals to meet the demands of a capital sentencing case, in which the accused faces the possibility of the death penalty. Attorneys and others are welcome. The agenda includes statutory guidelines for conducting these evaluations, the nature of the mitigation inquiry, the increased relevance of intellectual disabilities, the process of consulting with both the defense and the prosecution, and ethics in forensic practice. Registration fees: Employees of VA DBHDS facilities and Community Services Boards/Behavioral Health Authorities: $150.00 Others: $375.00 Cancellation fee: $25.00

Future Programs (programs planned but not finalized; applications not yet being accepted)

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Previously Held Programs

Evaluating Legal Sanity: Beyond the Basics with Ira Packer

Motivational Interviewing with David Prescott

Violence Risk Assessment wth Laura Guy

Assessing Trial Competence with Patricia Zapf

Cultural Competence in Forensic Mental Health Assessment and Treatment with Barry Rosenfeld

Ethics in Forensic Practice with Alan Goldstein

Risk, Needs, and Responsivity Principles with Offenders with Robert Morgan

Expert Testimony and Trial Preparation with Randy Otto

State-of-the-Art Framework for Assessing, Documenting, and Responding to Suicide Risk: Commmitment to Living (CTL), with Anthony Pisani

Violence and Aggression Assessment of Veterans with Eric Elbogen

2015 Hoffman Memorial Lecture: Firearms, Mental Illness, and the Law: Keeping Guns from Risky People while Keeping Faith with the Second Amendment with Jeffrey Swanson

PTSD: Evidence-based Assessment and Treatment with Matthew Yoder

Cognitive and social psychological bases of bias in forensic mental health evaluations

May 2 2017, Charlottesville VA: This one-day program with expert Tess Neal PhD integrates findings from cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and social psychology into the basic science of bias in human judgment as relevant to judgments and decisions by forensic mental health professionals. The program will be interactive, including experiential exercises and discussion activities to demonstrate the topics described. Other expert faculty will explore issues of cognitive bias. We close with a panel discussion with providers from a variety of clinical settings. Registration fees: Employees of VA DBHDS facilities and Community Services Boards/Behavioral Health Authorities: $70. Others: $195. Cancellation fee: $25

The Biopsychosocial Imprint of Complex Trauma: Implications for Evaluation and Treatment in Forensic and Community Contexts - with Katherine Porterfield PhD

January 11 2018, Charlottesville VA: Katherine Porterfield PhD, is clinical instructor in the Department of Psychiatry, New York University, where she provides individual and family therapy to children, adolescents and adults and supervises trainees working with survivors of torture. Dr Porterfield will present foundational information for understanding and treating cases of complex trauma. Fees: Employees of VA DBHDS facilities and CSBs - $75.00. Others - $195.00 (contact to see if a group discount is possible). Cancellation fee - $25.00.