Forensic Psychology

Through its Forensic Clinic, the Institute provides forensic psychological consultation and evaluation services for a range of criminal and civil cases, referred by judges and attorneys throughout Virginia and other states. Evaluations are conducted for both criminal and juvenile court, subsequent to a range of offenses (e.g., capital murder, homicide, stalking, robbery, sexual assault, and property crime).

Some common referral questions in criminal cases involve:

The Forensic Clinic also provides assessment and consultation related to civil litigation. Forensic evaluations in civil litigation typically involve assessment of emotional injury, trauma, physical or sexual abuse (including abuse in institutions), and related issues. Questions related to professional practice are also addressed.

Additionally, the Clinic provides evaluations and consultation in cases that are not before the court. Most often, these private consultations involve violence risk assessment or threat assessment for schools or universities. Others involve fitness for duty evaluations for the workplace.

Director of Psychology Dr. Daniel Murrie, and other forensic evaluators at ILPPP, are active researchers and educators as well as clinicians. Thus, in addition to performing evaluations, educational consultation may be provided to attorneys and agencies regarding the state of research, or best practices, related to forensic psychology. For example, research reviews and "teaching expert" consultation have been provided for topics such as: best practices in sex offender and violence risk assessments, violence risk in capital sentencing, the role (and limits) of psychopathy assessment, and psychological assessment in juvenile justice contexts.

Questions regarding forensic psychology consultation should be directed to Dr. Daniel Murrie at